Bayfield Cashel – POA

Bayfield Cashel – POA


Project Pack

Size (mm)  m2 / pack  Weight / pack   no / pack   No. / m2 

L 435 X D 250 X H 150Â

3.53m2 1.3t 54 15.36

L 453 X D 218 X H 150 

N/A 1.44t 48  N/A

L 200 x D 330 x H 75

N/A 1.236t 120 5.4

Items can be bought separately


Bayfield can be used to create attractive walls up to 0.9m (3ft) high. With its rough hewn weathered texture, it is an extremely versatile walling option which can be constructed without the use of mortar and is suitable for both straight and curved retaining walls.