Rippon Buff

Rippon Buff


Finish: Natural calibrated

Product available in Pack size covering Approx 20m squared.
Mix of 4 sizes :
900×600 – 600×600 – 600×300 – 300×300 (mm)
Thickness : 22mm


Natural stone is one of the oldest and most beautiful building materials available. Stone paving is quarried from different geographical locations and has been selected for its hardness, durability, texture, natural colour and various finishes. Each piece of paving with its unique natural colouration, texture and markings combines to form a rich tapestry of overall hue to your gardens landscape. Traditional calibrated paving has the underside of the slab shaved by machine to a specific thickness, usually 22mm to give an even uniform finish. Traditional paving can be used internally or for design projects where the flooring continues from inside to out. Natural stone paving offers its unique inherent qualities such as each individual paving stone is unique In its natural beauty with its own vibrant colour ways, textures and the differing riven profiles.